Chem-fog? +a pale thin homogeneous film +


Saw no chemtrails yesterday. There was some fog yesterday morning which I was afraid to inhale. To me fog represents normally skyborn particulates close to the ground.  This fog, like the clouds above, does not consist of water vapor only. It is water vapor combined with whatever has been sprayed into the atmosphere. The fog represents a concentration of these sprayed aerosols at ground level. Though we all are breathing this shit everyday I do want to avoid breathing it where it is thickest. The sun dispersed the fog and the rest of the day was partly cloudy. Today was also partly cloudy with chemtrails appearing in the afternoon. 4:30 PM.



Overcast the past couple of days. No opportunity to observe chemtrails.


Today partly cloudy. Clear enough to see chemtrails had any been present. No. Instead there were decomposing cumulus clouds midday. The fact that they were decomposing indicates that ambient particulates, from earlier sprayings or drifted in from nearby areas, permeated the atmosphere. The evening  sky was a pale thin homogeneous film.


Clear pale skies. I spotted one fractional trail.

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