The white racist guide to black pathologies



Black pathologies are those things that hold Black Americans back, like crime, drugs, illegitimacy and dropping out of high school. These are things they are doing to themselves. Racism is dead. They need to stop whining about white people and face up to the problems in their own communities.

How to argue black pathologies:

  1. Make it about comparative rates. Because blacks are only 13% of the country, stuff like rape or illegitimacy will be largely white. So instead make it about the rate. It does not matter how bad the white rate is. All that matters is if the black rate is worse.
  2. Whites are normal. Whites do not have pathologies because their behaviour, no matter how extreme, always counts as “normal”. Whites commit genocide? Everyone does it. It is human nature. Blacks rob a 7-Eleven? Something is wrong with black people. They have criminal tendencies. The crime rate proves…

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