Weather is easy to forget +A remarkable day +Back to “normal”

Weather is easy to forget, isn’t it? I know the skies have been mostly overcast this past week, with occasional rain. Yesterday’s weather, Saturday,  was ideal. Temperature perfect for outdoor activities. Still enough moisture in the ground so there was no dust flying when mowing the lawn. I spent most of the afternoon outdoors, so I was able to observe the sky more yesterday than I have the rest of the week. Voluminous cumulus sprawled across an adequately blue sky. They had frayed decomposing edges, however, meaning they were floating in the ubiquitous aerosol plasma. For the first time this week I spotted an actual linear chemtrail, a very long one arcing between two cloud banks.


Rain just before dawn this morning. A short but strong  storm. Today is remarkable because the evening’s voluminous cumulus did not have the severely agitated edges that has become typical. There were some softened cloud edges but nothing extreme like the cloud shredding I usually observe. It means there is a diminution in the saturation of the aerosol plasma. This means there were no signs of chemtrails today, not even in the effects of ambient aerosols on cumulus clouds. A remarkable day indeed.


Apparently they resumed spraying overnight. The morning sky is very pale. Either they dumped a load overnight or the aerosol mist laid down elsewhere has drifted into this area. No linear chemtrails sighted.

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