Lessons from the US Geo-engineering/ Chemtrails aerosol conference

Just Go Home: Call for a US-Canadian General Strike from Aug 31 to Sep 4


By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

In the name of lasting peace, prosperity, and the very future of all our lives, I am calling for a US-Canadian nations-wide, general STRIKE! We have run out of time. Financially and environmentally, our countries and our entire planet are all in extremis. It is way past the ninth hour. The dots connecting this are already well known.

We must all understand that we each have a personal responsibility to put an end to the out-of-control CHAOS that has been deliberately created by supposed “leaders” who are not working for us as public officials. Rather, they have been working for a very long time for a group of multinational corporations and financial institutions tied to the cabal [or Illuminati] who continue to deliberately wreck our lives, steal our homes and jobs, put us in perpetual financial debt, and poison us with a myriad of lethal chemicals, hormone disruptors, vaccines, and heavy metals in the food we eat and the water we drink.


The air we breathe is now a plasma state. We have no place to go. No place to hide. Everyone is affected; but most of these toxins are invisible. As I have repeatedly written: “Invisible does no mean we are safe.”

Everything has been poisoned or destroyed in a deliberate plan by these psychopaths to control every aspect of our lives.

This Monumental Assault on all of us, and the entire web-of-life, is no accident. Having just lectured and attended our first US Geo-engineering/ Chemtrails aerosol conference this past weekend, there is overwhelming scientific evidence of enormous global weather modification that has already changed our entire planet. SEE:


Recently, I drove across the country again; and I also believe that these aerosol crimes (as Clifford Carnicom has rightly called them) have been ampped up over the past few months to create even more devastation and injury. We do NOT have global warming. This was a deliberate scam to cover the stealth programs of weather warfare and on-going climate modification. There is tremendous evidence; and I am just one of many deeply concerned citizens who continue to see the lies and deceit in every Orwellian governmental action.

Terror and fear have been created cross-culturally by those criminals in charge. This surrounds all of us. Un-ending wars and illegal invasions of other countries is now the modus operandi of the US and its NATO allies, as it conducts daily global military operations. There is no sane reason for any of this. We are living in a robotic police state where basic civility has been destroyed and Americans are harmed and targeted for injury by a militarized police force. Why is the Social Security Administration (and other agencies) stockpiling lethal hollow point bullets?




In place of courtesy, basic human kindness and rule of law, our civil, Constitutional, and human rights have been gutted. Millions of people have lost both their homes and jobs through the criminal financial manipulations behind the scenes of the global economy, while the elite hide all the money they stole from us in off shore accounts. JUST FOLLOW THE MONEY. This has been done through stealth activities of many key “public” officials in concert with various agencies, other government’s officials, banking institutions, and multi-national corporations. It is all to bring whatever is left –even superficially– of our sovereignty to an end. For those who are actually following this, we no longer have a US Constitution, but are actually under corporate law.

Additionally, there also have been many secret agreements and a shadow US government:


Various presidents and prime ministers have met to create more secret chaos through a stealth implementation of the illegal North American Union (NAU):


There is also the United Nations Agenda 21:




and ICLEI [International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives] programs:




Mainstream media (television, radio, and newspapers, and some websites) all have been complicit in this cover-up of what is actually going on behind the scenes to destroy everything that barely remains in the US, Canada, and elsewhere around the planet.

Finally, through a multi-pronged attack on us, we are being poisoned at an exponential and synergistic level that is unprecedented in our history! As mentioned above, the thousands upon thousands of toxins that surround our every move 24/7/365 are in vaccines, genetically modified organisms, hormone disruptors, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and a lifetime of radiation –and now invisible but constant and dangerous EMF/RF– exposure. All this has destroyed our ability to either reproduce or be healthy. Sterility is commonly found in all life forms –not just humans. Chemtrails aerosols (possibly even going back to the 1970s from evidence shown at this conference) and HAARP have changed our weather and created numerous “catastrophes” that were/are NOT natural events. The staggering rates of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, and multiple immune illnesses, cognitive and brain damage all are ENORMOUS indications that we are in a vast crisis. It is now generational; and today our innocent children are burdened with much illness since birth.

What Can We Do?

We have untapped consumer power that we have never collectively used. As I just said in my lecture this past Saturday, these things are missing in our lives and in any of the many illegal laws that wreck everything. I call them the 3 P’s:

1. Precaution

2. Prevention

3. Power of the Pur$e

The Precautionary Principle, FIRST DO NO HARM, is not used.

Prevention is not part of any sane way that business or so-called public agencies work. If it were, we would not have the massive number of illnesses that surround all of us.

Therefore, I am calling on EVERYONE in the US and Canada to join together in a PEACEFUL, NATIONS-WIDE GENERAL STRIKE FROM FRIDAY AUGUST 31 through TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 4.

This is the long Labor Day weekend. Friday August 31, most people will take off to have a 4-day weekend. Saturday and Sunday September 1 and 2, most people are off anyway. Monday September 3 is a legal holiday. So, I am asking that everyone take off an extra day on Tuesday September 4. Don’t forget, millions of Americans have already lost their jobs; and millions more have lost their homes. We are not in some “Downturn” or “Recession.” WE ARE IN A VAST DELIBERATELY CREATED DEPRESSION. This was all planned to destroy our countries and the rest of the planet.

So, next week: fill up your gas tank (if you drive) and please stock up on safer food: NO GMO’s, NO ASPARTAME, NO FLUORIDE, NO CHLORINE, NO CHEMICALS. DON’T USE OR BUY ANYTHING PACKAGED IN PLASTICS. DON’T BUY ANYTHING WITH SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES. DON’T BUY PESTICIDES. DON’T SHOP. PERIOD! The corporate bottom line is “PROFIT.” We are all expendable for that –just as long as there is another un-informed consumer who will take a dead person’s place. How many of our friends and family have died from some environmentally related disease?  So, it becomes perpetual illness and debt slavery for us, while Big Pharma, Agri-businesses, and the banksters continue to reap whirlwind profits from us! Can we connect all these “dots”? It is all intentional.

Read the rest: http://aircrap.org/home-call-canadian-general-strike-aug-31-sep-4/335185/

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