US Military Primary Cause of Global Warming Originally posted March 29, 2016 · by nomad · in Uncategorized · Leave a comment ·Edit (No wonder I couldn’t find this post when I was searching for it. It was uncategorized,) “Here’s the awful truth: even if every person, every automobile, and every factory suddenly emitted zero emissions, […]

Why We Must Protect the World from the United States Ajamu Baraka   Fifty years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated the obvious: The United States was the greatest purveyor of violence in the world. He also said the public allowing this violence would lead to a kind of national spiritual death that would […]

Freedom Rider: Oligarch Jeff Bezos Margaret Kimberle   Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $105 billion and is the richest man in the world. But he is not just the richest man at this moment in history. He is the richest person who has ever lived. As of 2017 he and seven […]

MLK’s Political Evolution through the 1960s by Robert Barsocchini Maybe we just have to admit that the day of violence is here, and maybe we just have to give up and let violence take its course.  The nation won’t listen to our voice – maybe it’ll heed the voice of violence. – Martin Luther King, […]

A Warning for Democrats, and Indeed for All Americans By John Kiriakou January 13, 2017 “Information Clearing House” –  Many Americans, at least most in my circle, are enjoying watching Donald Trump self-destruct. It’s bad for the country, but to some of us it’s as much fun as watching a train wreck. And maybe if […]

James Corbett We all know that privacy is a thing of the past, right? Followers of The Corbett Report will see past the metadata lie and the PRISM limited hangout to the underlying reality of the all-pervasive Big Brother surveillance grid. CALEA and the Stellar Wind. The CIA spying on you through your dishwasher. And […]