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The Nitwits Are in Charge

Exclusive: Pundit Thomas Friedman laments that the new Cold War isn’t funny enough for him, but there really isn’t anything funny about the U.S. plunging into an unnecessary nuclear showdown with Russia over Ukraine while Friedman and his fellow VIPs misreport what’s happening, writes Robert Parry. By Robert Parry Sometimes I wonder if today’s crop of U.S. pundits and […]

Gaza, Ukraine: The Big Picture

Gaza, Ukraine: The War Drums are Sounding the Alarm By Joachim Hagopian As a writer of articles reporting news events of the world, I often seek to expose the concealed truth beneath the layers of a monolithic state sponsored propaganda machine called mainstream media that simply spreads the lies our leaders tell. And as perilously […]

How America Is Bringing Peace and Democracy to the World

 Washington’s Blog by Eric Zuesse We brought peace and democracy to Iraq by our invading and occupying it in order to get rid of Al Qaeda and “Saddam’s WMD” (that war cost the U.S. $3 trillion):   courtesy Huffington Post, 13 June 2014 (front page).   And we brought peace and democracy to Ukraine by our overthrowing their corrupt […]

Backing Fascists In Ukraine: An American Tradition

America Backed Fascists In Ukraine 70 Years Ago by Washington’s Blog American Government Backed Ukrainian Nazis … Same Group Supported By the Leader of the Protests which Toppled the Ukrainian Government In February Oliver Stone’s documentary Untold History notes: Truman approved the creation of a guerrilla army code-named “Nightingale” in Ukraine. Originally setup by the Nazis in 1941, it […]