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Democrats in Dis-Array

With rumors flying that establishment Democrats might hand Hillary Clinton her hat before the Democratic Convention to replace her with Joe Biden, John Kerry or some other grey-suited hand-job for empire and the Chamber of Commerce, the greatness that is the U.S. in 2016 keeps mounting. … …In what dark, deeply-frozen corner of hell do […]

The Clintons’ War on the Poor

Lesser Evil Voting and Hillary Clinton’s War on the Poor  BEN BURGIS  *** Back in the mid-1980s, the Clintons and a lot of their friends founded something called the Democratic Leadership Council to move the Democratic Party back to “the center.” Throughout that decade, Ronald Reagan had led the Republicans in demonizing “welfare queens” allegedly […]

The rise of the oligarchy and Barack Obama

Sam Smith 2010 Go back more than two decades and you find politicians like Nixon, Carter and Reagan who built their own political base; politicians such as Truman, Johnson, and Ford deeply rooted in conventional politics; Kennedy, whose family’s oligarchic inclinations were cut brutally short and FDR, who was hated by many of the elites. […]

Bill Clinton’s dark legacy

http://prorevnews.blogspot.com/2015/06/as-we-were-saying.html As we were saying. . . . The Review has been one of the few progressive journals willing to report on how conservative Bill Clinton actually was, the furthest to the right since at least Woodrow Wilson. So we’re glad to see Alternet catch up with the facts. Alternet  Prison-loving president. In May, on […]

QOTD: “Who knows, or cares, what Obama is thinking! “

It is as sure as a law of nature: neoliberal, imperialism-friendly Democrats can do for Republicans what Republicans cannot do for themselves, because they can get the opposition to go along or at least to acquiesce. This is a role Bill Clinton played and brought to perfection. Obama now stands poised to outdo even him. […]

The corruption of corruption

The corruption of corruption Undernews Sam Smith … As a young reporter in Washington, I soon learned more about the complexities of corruption. I came to see Adam Clayton Powell and Lyndon Johnson as examples of politicians you wouldn’t want to let near your daughters yet had somehow managed to get more good legislation passed more […]

Bill Clinton, Obama and the Extremist Middle

Sam Smith The increasing tendency of liberals and their media harvesters to define the cause by faults of the likes of Fox News and Karl Rove is a bit like a Christian church condemning Satanism but forgetting to  mention Jesus or salvation. The idea that not being Karl Rove might be sufficient argument to support one’s […]