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The Clintons’ War on the Poor

Lesser Evil Voting and Hillary Clinton’s War on the Poor  BEN BURGIS  *** Back in the mid-1980s, the Clintons and a lot of their friends founded something called the Democratic Leadership Council to move the Democratic Party back to “the center.” Throughout that decade, Ronald Reagan had led the Republicans in demonizing “welfare queens” allegedly […]

Bill Clinton’s dark legacy As we were saying. . . . The Review has been one of the few progressive journals willing to report on how conservative Bill Clinton actually was, the furthest to the right since at least Woodrow Wilson. So we’re glad to see Alternet catch up with the facts. Alternet  Prison-loving president. In May, on […]

1994: The Tipping Point of Liberal Hipocracy

And of course Clinton continued this betrayal by reducing aid to the poor. Did I mention the Democratic Party must die? It’s hypocrisy is why. Welfare reform refers to improving how a nation helps poor people. In the United States, the term was used to get Congress to enact the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act, […]