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Forget the New World Order, Here’s Who Really Runs the World

For decades, extreme ideologies on both the left and the right have clashed over the conspiratorial concept of a shadowy secret government pulling the strings on the world’s heads of state and captains of industry. The phrase New World Order is largely derided as a sophomoric conspiracy theory entertained by minds that lack the sophistication necessary […]

Götterdämmerung Twilight of the Gods It seems like I’ve been watching all this happen my entire life.  By the time I was fourteen I was pretty much “aware” as they say, that many things in life were not as advertised.  I could see that ‘daily life‘ was just a consensus reality facade giving lip service […]

Roseanne’s America | Interview with Roseanne Barr

Who Had Foreknowledge of the Gulf Oil Spill? (Pt. 6)

Dave Hodges Activist PostBetween March 22nd and 24th of 2010, the Department ofHomeland Security and the US Coast Guard conducted drills that they called “Oil Spills of National Significance”. What an amazing stroke of luck that DHS and our Coast Guard was so well prepared in proximity to the April 20, 2010 BP oil spill event. […]

The Gary Null Show – The phenomena of conspiracy thinking and theories – 02/01/13

 Gary Null Show with:  James Tracy, John Rappoport, Phil Rockstroh, Ralph Metzner Originally aired as Progressive Commentary Hour 01/28/13 Prof. James Tracy is a professor in the Department of Communications at Florida Atlantic University where he specializes in media history and analysis, the politics of communications, and the sociology behind commercial and alternative news media on current events. His writings are […]

Who Runs The World?

 Solid Proof That a Core Group Of Wealthy Elites Is Pulling the Strings By Michael Snyder Activist Post Does a shadowy group of obscenely wealthy elitists control the world?  Do men and women with enormous amounts of money really run the world from behind the scenes?  The answer might surprise you.  Most of us tend […]

Quote of the Day

American fascism is built on the 9/11 Reichstag Fire, and will not end until that false flag atrocity is publicly and definitively exposed. Kevin Barrett