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Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders, Trump and the State of Imperial Decline

Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders, Trump and the State of Imperial Decline Glen Ford Bernie Sanders’ anticipated second run for the presidency is the 6-ton elephant in the Democratic boardroom. But the rich owners of the Party would rather lose to Trump again than win with Sanders “Sanders’ outstanding primary showing represented the strongest electoral challenge to austerity of […]

Bernie Sanders vs Kamala the Jailer and Her Corporate Backers

Bernie Sanders vs Kamala the Jailer and Her Corporate Backers Glen Ford The best thing that can happen in 2020 is for Bernie Sanders to do fantastically in the primaries and then be cheated out of the nomination, once again, thus giving millions of leftish Democrats a chance to do something useful with their lives: […]

QOTD: The Diversity Hustle

I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself   There is only one thing more reprehensible than overt racism and that is exploiters who use the pains of marginalized people to advance their own agendas. There is a reason I find myself being more and more repulsed by Democrats, I’ve come to accept the mendacity of […]

The Worst “Fake News” Articles of 2018: New York Times Claims Russia Influenced African-Americans in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections — Global Research

By Timothy Alexander Guzman If there was a Fake News of the Year Award, This New York Times article would be in the Top 5 category for running one of the worst stories and may I add, a conspiracy theory for 2018. On December 17th, The New York Times published an article titled ‘Russian 2016 Influence Operation […]

Freedom Rider: The Democrats Win and Black People Lose

Margaret Kimberley If the Democrats were a true political party Nancy Pelosi’s failures would have taken her out of the running for any leadership position. Black Agenda Report was first published in October 2006, just as the Democratic Party was poised to take control of the House of Representatives with Nancy Pelosi as leader. Twelve […]

The Democratic Party might die: Go Bernie! Go Bernie!

I’ve been wishing for that since 2009 Bernie Sanders Puts Forward a Program That Could Split the Democratic Party Glen Ford Bernie Sanders Puts Forward a Program That Could Split the Democratic Party Bernie Sanders has opened his 2020 campaign with a 10-point program that could bust the Democratic Party wide open – which would be best thing […]

  The two party treason 

Oh darn. Just something that’s been rolling around in my head the past several days. I was hoping to incorporate it into a moderately thought out post. About how I have recently become a disaffected voter, a part of that majority of Americans who don’t vote. How I drove my sister to the polls for […]