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The CIA Democrats — World Socialist Web Site (en)

Dozens of former CIA and military operatives are running as Democratic candidates for Congress in 2018. […] The Democratic leaders are promoting CIA agents and Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans. At the same time, such people are choosing the Democratic Party as their preferred political vehicle. There are far more former spies and soldiers seeking the […]

Denzel gets it

Just as my contempt for black Hollywood is fueled by the likes of Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Foxx, Denzel is a breath of fresh air. Maybe I’ll watch one of his movies sometime. Who can forget these spokesmen for the Dollar Dems and the Deep State?

​​​​​​​The Neo-Black Caucus

Glen Ford ​​​​​​​The Black Caucus’ “New Class”: Worthless, Warmongering Servants of Empire “The Democrats have perverted the electoral franchise of the nation’s most progressive constituency to the service of a global war machine and an all-pervasive national security state.” Hundreds of times this week, as at every yearly commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, […]

Perhaps if these black misleaders had done something constructive while they were in office I might take them seriously

Fuck off, former AGs Holder and Lynch Obama AG Eric Holder Threatens GOP Congress: ‘Any attempt to remove Bob Mueller will not be tolerated’ by thegatewaypundit Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder threatened Republicans in Congress against removing Special Counsel Robert Mueller the day after GOP congressmen grilled Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over Mueller […]

Surprise!!! Obama & Clinton Actually SUPPORT Trump’s Jerusalem Policy!

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QOTD: The stupendous hypocrisy of (most) black Americans

Many of the people who are crying out for the ending of slavery in Libya are the same people that supported the lethal Obama/Clinton tag-team that orchestrated the destruction of what was once the African nation with the highest living standards — Libya! Many of these folks unconditionally supported BarackObama and Hillary Clinton despite their […]

Brazile / Seth Rich – The Big Shocker

I never thought about the possibility of a sniper in the Seth Rich case BRAZILE DEDICATED HER BOOK TO ‘PATRIOT’ SETH RICH, WHOSE DEATH MADE HER FEAR FOR HER OWN LIFE Rich appears elsewhere in Brazile’s book, as the Postreported earlier in the weekend. She wrote that Rich’s murder haunted her and that she’d installed surveillance cameras at […]