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QOTD: We want Trump!

Fifty years later: There’s something happening here still And the French have had enough Turns out Trump might be on to something in his rejection of climate accords [for some reason this video will not post here. so i posted it in comments. Ed] Climate change is real. But the globalist solution exploits the […]

QOTD: Trump Needs to Go Back to Racism School +Update

I never knew about racism school, though I’m quite familiar with racist schools. In any case, Trump is quite adept and needs no further training. If Trump Is “Racist,” He Needs to Go Back to Racism School. -Larry Elder  UPDATE: I added a new link because the former did not appear to work.

QOTD: America is a more successful and longer-reigning version of Hitler’s Germany

Only one global poll has ever been taken of the question “Which country do you think is the greatest threat to peace in the world today?” and it found that, overwhelmingly, by a three-to-one ratio above the second-most-often named country, the United States was identified as being precisely that, the top threat to world-peace. But then, a […]

QOTD: How Stupid Do Democrat Congressional Candidates Think We Are? — Black Agenda Report

If eight years of Obama taught us anything, it’s that a black president can do immense damage to the cause of black working class families. via How Stupid Do Stacey Abrams, Lucy McBath, and Most Progressive Democrat Congressional Candidates Think We Are? — Black Agenda Report

QOTD: Facebook, Google and the Deep State

Google has rigged its algorithms to hide blacklisted sites during web searches, resulting in decreased visitation of up to 75 percent. They are strangling the Left, including Black Agenda Report. Facebook has signed on to the new Cold War, under the ruse of protecting U.S. elections from Russian interference. “We’re excited to launch a new […]

QOTD: Kavanaugh and faux opposition

Now that it’s too late to prevent a total rightwing takeover of the Supreme Court, the Democrats pretend to be the party of opposition …Kavanaugh’s role in protecting the Bush administration torture regime has taken a back seat. The Democrats don’t ask because they don’t care. Or rather they care about upholding the Democrats’ role […]

QOTD: Obama’s Imperial Presidency

Whatever one’s view of the Trump phenomenon in its totality, the amount of death and destruction he has brought to the world does not (yet) come close to Obama’s record of warfare, drone strikes, regime changes, military provocations, and global deployments.   If neocon interests have come to shape U.S. foreign policy, those interests have so […]