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The Media’s Hypocritical Oath – Mandela And Economic Apartheid

The Media’s Hypocritical Oath – Mandela And Economic Apartheid By David Edwards   What does it mean when a notoriously profit-driven, warmongering, climate-killing media system mourns, with one impassioned voice, the death of a principled freedom fighter like Nelson Mandela? Does it mean that the corporate system has a heart, that it cares? Or does […]

Mandela and the Devil’s Bargain

Creating the Ruling Class by KEVIN CARSON The end of apartheid in South Africa was neither the first nor the last people’s revolution to be betrayed by its own victorious leadership. Perhaps the premier example was Russia’s Bolshevik victory in 1917. Compare the party’s policies after the October Revolution to its rhetoric before. Lenin’s book […]

The Legacy of Nelson Mandela: A Dissenting Opinion

By Jonathan Cook Offering a dissenting opinion at this moment of a general outpouring of grief at Nelson Mandela’s death is not likely to court popularity. It is also likely to be misunderstood. So let me start by recognising Mandela’s huge achievement in helping to bring down South African apartheid, and make clear my enormous respect […]