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Zionazi Rap

Stand Your Ground (In an Alternate Reality)

Important Message from the Ministry of Truth

Is This Cartoon Racist?

I don’t think so. The Ugly Lie of Glenn Foden’s ‘It’s Not My Fault That Gravity is Racist’ Editorial Cartoon I am curious as to your reactions and thoughts about this editorial cartoon by Glenn Foden. My reaction?  It makes a good point. Obviously gravity is not racist. But racist opposition has often been given […]

George Carlin on American Foreign Policy – Bombing Brown People

via kristalklear You might be noticing I don’t feel about that war the way we were told we were supposed to feel about that war. The way we were ordered and instructed by the United States Government to feel about that war; see my mind doesn’t work that way, I got this real moron thing I […]

Racism and Comics: Good Intentions Aren’t Enough

Cartoonist Ted Rall didn’t mean to offend with his ape-like depiction of Barack Obama, but he did ignore cartoons’ history of spreading harmful, stereotypical images of black people. NOAH BERLATSKY Controversial cartoons from Ted Rall, Barry Blitt at The New Yorker, and Carlos Latuff at Black Commentator. Comics has a long history of ugly, racist caricature. Many […]

Separated at Birth

Welcome to the new Aisle C. It’s a er stream of consciousness. Here’s a good way to kick it off. Say, did you ever notice the resemblance between Hoda Kotb  and Barack Obama? Separated at Birth

Minority Monsters

by Ted Rall