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Bobby Fischer, Grand Master of Revisionism — The Truthseeker

John Wear – An Inconvenient History April 11, 2019 Robert James “Bobby” Fischer began playing chess at Age Six when his mother Regina bought him a chess set at a candy store. Fischer and his older sister Joan learned the rules from the enclosed manual. Bobby and his sister began playing with each other, but… via […]

The Road from Pearl Harbor

DavidSwanson … Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, which was not then part of the United States, President Franklin Roosevelt had tried lying to the American people about U.S. ships including the Greer and the Kearny, which had been helping British planes track German submarines, but which Roosevelt pretended had been wrongly attacked. Roosevelt […]

Holocaust History Denial: A Clear and Present Danger by Kevin Barrett

by Kevin Barrett I used to believe in “the Holocaust.” Not as a religion – I’ve never been to any of the museum-temples or made a pilgrimage to Auschwitz or pored over the sacred texts. And I never was stupid or crazy enough to accept the Holocaust as a valid excuse for the Zionist theft […]