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Charleston shooting follow up

  “Let’s monitor everyone and put them on a watch list” Dylann Roof had black friends. He was never known by any of his friends to be racist. He was supposedly photographed entering the church and in that picture he appears to be wearing light body armor underneath his shirt. (Not cheap or not easy […]

The Charleston Shooter Has Plenty of Company on the Internet

   Sophie Bjork-James When I first heard there was a shooting in Charleston and that a white man was the main suspect in killing nine people in a historic black church, I knew, like too many of us, that this had everything to do with race. When I saw photos of him with a disaffected stare […]

Joe Rogan Experience #529 – Abby Martin – Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

via Hidden Agendas Joe Rogan Experience #529 – Abby Martin – Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Abby Martin is an American journalist and also host of “Breaking the Set” for RT America. The comments beginning 35:00 are very interesting. Hmmm. It never occurred to me that the floodgates of social media/alternative news are more open now than in 2009. […]

Hate and the State

What’s Not to Hate?  by Jared A. Ball  “When a man is sad over his miserable conditions he does nothing… Sadness doesn’t change anything.  It’s only when he gets mad that he changes it.” – Malcolm X “Complacency is a far more dangerous attitude than outrage.”  – Naomi Littlebear “I don’t hate ‘police brutality.’ I hate […]