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That Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs? It May Have Sped Up Bird Evolution — All About Birds

Human activities could trigger an altered pattern of evolution similar to what occurred 66 million years ago when a giant asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs, leaving birds as their only descendants. Cornell Ph.D. candidate Jacob Berv and Daniel Field, of the University of Bath, came to this conclusion after spending years studying the ancient genetic… via […]

New Research Shows Ancient Humans Mated With Non Human Species — Counter Current News

A new study is causing quite a stir among historians, scientists, and open minded religious types. According to a study conducted by Omer Gokcumen, an assistant professor of biological sciences at the University of Buffalo, ancient humans had intercourse with a “ghost species” of “proto human”, reported The NZ Herald. This study gives credence to […]

Moving beyond Darwin

Moving beyond Darwin One of the problems with the stubbornly ignorant approach towards evolution by the reactionary right is that the media has reduced the matter to a simplistic debate largely determined by the dumb. But Darwin clearly didn’t have all the answers, and science has moved many miles since his time. One of […]