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Life in the psychopathocracy


White liberal consciousness: Some lives matter more than others

Hollywood’s political deafness: What Cosby, “Selma” & Hebdo reveal about white liberal consciousness BRITTNEY COOPER *** As I watched multiple white celebrities don the stage and stand in solidarity with the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack and other innocent bystanders, I marveled at the privilege that they had of being specific. Even though some […]

What if They Tried to Start a Race War?

  by texlahoma What if they tried to start a race war? “We’ll have them killing each other in no time.” But the Whos down in Whoville saw through their evil plan and began to help each other instead?

Police Take Down Belligerent White Guy with Gun

Another jay walking tragedy  Hullabaloo by digby Well, no actually. In fact, this story is about an armed, belligerent jay-walker cursing police and daring them to shoot him. And guess what? They didn’t. In fact, they were patient and respectful and used psychology to talk him down. Of course, he was a middle aged white man. […]

From Russia with Love

Ferguson protest in Moscow Undernews Russian students at the US Embassy in Moscow

QOTD: America the Murderous

The bare, banal, widely accepted, shrugged-off realities of life in the American Imperium today would have been regarded, just a few years ago, as the wildest, most unbelievable fantasies of political paranoids. The president sits in the White House and draws up death lists. Robot-controlled missiles blow up people’s houses, killing hundreds of civilians each […]

Your hiding place: The effect of faraway mass murders on your ability to dream

Originally posted on Video Rebel's Blog:
This was originally written by John Kaminski. It’s impossible to maintain your health in a society for which you feel contempt and shame. The guilt of living in such a society ruins your life, pollutes it, taints it. You can delude yourself for a time, for years, even,…