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Ancient Mysteries: Gobekli Tepe and The Ubaid Lizardmen

Gobekli Tepe Turkey Photo credit: Teomancimit Conventional archaeological thought maintains that organized religion—the building of temples and the development of elaborate rituals—was a by-product of human settlement. As humans settled down into agricultural societies, they had enough leisure time to build upon folk religion and to start more ambitious construction projects. Then archaeologists discovered Gobekli […]

Graham Hancock on TED Censorship, Lost Civilizations & War on Consciousness

The Hidden History Of The Human Race

Cocaine Discovered in Egyptian Mummies

by Evan V. Symon  Getty When Columbus and his buddies made it to the New World, aka not India, they found more than just future smallpox sufferers waiting for them. There was a whole cornucopia of never-before-seen plants and animals growing in the Americas, not to mention new and interesting ways to use beads. So while […]