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Al Gore Won Florida in 2000 & Handed the Presidency to George Bush with a Preemptive Surrender — The Most Revolutionary Act

How strange that my comments to this post do not publish. Oh well. I’ll post them here. Originally posted on O Society: by Jon Schwarz Intercept Nov 10, 2018 At midnight on election day last Tuesday, vote tallies showed Republican candidates ahead in key races in Florida, Georgia and Arizona. However, many votes remained to […]

Chuck Baldwin Sums It Up: Trump Blew It —

Chuck Baldwin Sums It Up: Trump Blew It Paul Craig Roberts As further evidence for Chuck Baldwin’s view, I add Trump’s UN speech yesterday. There was Trump patting Washington on the back for its good deeds and humanitarian and democratic concerns for other countries, which apparently includes Washington’s destruction in whole or part of eight… via […]

WATCH: Kevin Barrett on the creeping censorship that threatens all of us — OffGuardian

Dr. Kevin Barrett, who was pilloried in the media back in 2006 for daring to question the official 9/11 narrative, here talks about the new wave of highly alarming censorship that is seeing alternative news sites closed down and independent media removed from the airwaves. Please share this. You can follow Kevin at @truthjihad. via WATCH: […]

Post 9/11: Pentagram…I mean…Pentagon

Hmmmm…. Why am I posting a deleted video? the dots are ‘all connected’. . . SOLved (?) JoelH said this on January 31, 2015 at 12:47 AM | Reply hits the spot many times.. seeker401 said this on January 31, 2015 at 7:28 AM | Reply Video from New Jersey opposite WTC on Hudson River12:10 Radio broadcaster states military helicopter […]

Meet Noam Chomsky, Academic Gatekeeper: Quack quack

It’s not all right, it’s not okay, for you to look the other way

9-11 Bee Gees Style Gather ye 9/11 counter info while ye may. This stuff is being purged and sabotaged. Love this take off!   The original:

Bush’s 7 Minutes of Silence on 9/11