MSM, Politicians, Desperately Attempt Damage Control Over Jan 6 Videos

Op-Ed by Daisy Luther

This week, Tucker Carlson and Fox News aired some video footage from the January 6 “insurrection.” It’s not the video we’ve seen all over the media, filled with terrifying images of barely contained rage.

Instead, it’s footage of a man who was supposedly murdered by the crowd going about his business. It’s a video of that dude with the bison hat, calmly and submissively walking along with Capitol guards who clearly escorted him into the building and took him around to different doors to “breach” the Senate floor.

I’ve largely stayed away from coverage of the incidents that took place on January 6th, 2021. I felt that we weren’t getting the whole story and that it was incredibly biased, but it also really did appear that people were behaving badly. Since we weren’t getting accurate information, I left it alone for the most part.

However, watching this footage and comparing it to the public narrative that is seeing these people prosecuted, imprisoned, and severely punished is mind-blowingly destructive to that work of fiction that the Congressional January 6 committee is trying to pass off as fact. The report is filled with breathless rhetoric about the fear the members of Congress felt, and how they were told to take off their lapel pins to make them harder to identify.

After watching this other video that has, up until now, been hidden from the public, their “findings” make me want to vomit.

It makes a lot of other people feel queasy too, but for entirely different reasons.

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The MSM is trying to do damage control.

People who still believe in the mainstream media are having their opinions formed for them. They probably won’t even bother to watch the video footage that Carlson aired.

If you Google “Tucker Carlson Jan 6 Video” you get something like this.

Not unsurprisingly, there isn’t a single link on the first two pages of Google’s search results to Carlson’s show or the video embedded above, even though it is clearly what I was looking for. (I imagine that video won’t be allowed on YouTube for very long, so be sure to watch it now.)

No, they want to spoonfeed you what your response should be. Anytime you see this much outrage, you need to pull back the curtain.

Chuck Schumer’s reaction is particularly breathless and dramatic. Laughably, he says he doesn’t think he’s seen a primetime cable news anchor “manipulate his viewers the way Mr. Carlson did.” I guess Chuck doesn’t watch MSNBC, CNN, or any of the other mainstream news outlets because that’s literally…




Watch Schumer’s response.

“Don’t believe your own lying eyes,” the MSM and politicians say.

“Believe what we tell you to believe. You and your judgment cannot be trusted.”

Here’s Carlson’s response to the outrage.

They’re calling it a “threat to democracy” for Americans to have both sides of the story. (Obviously, we all know that our government is a constitutional republic, but let’s let that slide.)

Let that sink in.

They are threatened by us being able to see footage that goes against their narrative. They want to censor it. They want to hang Tucker Carlson in the court of public opinion and silence anyone who doesn’t swallow their story.

What’s the real story?

You may be wondering, what’s the real story? Is Tucker Carlson more accurate and unbiased, or is the mainstream media closer to reality?

I sincerely believe that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I think it’s likely more to one side than the other, but I’ll let you watch the footage and make up your own mind about which side that is. I’m not saying that you’re getting the entire story just by only watching Carlson’s videos – it’s more important than ever to pay attention to both sides of a discussion. Soon, you’ll see patterns, and keep in mind that you’ll be influenced by your own biases too.

I’m not saying that nobody did anything wrong on January 6th, but I do think some people who were jailed should not have been and that some people who weren’t punished should’ve been. I don’t believe justice has been served in any way, shape, or form. I think that the 3 million dollars or so that Congress spent “investigating” this was all for show and that the conclusions drawn were – you guessed it – biased.

What is obvious is that nobody is showing us both sides of the story and letting us do that. There is no neutrality, no journalistic objectivity. Everybody is biased, and they present biased stories.

I just think that in Carlson’s case, his bias is spurred on in retaliation to the narrative that’s been shoved down our collective throat for the past two years.

One thing is clear.

Those who have the most control over the narrative have the most control over the country. If we were watching this go down in someone else’s country, it would be so much easier to see it for what it is. Think about how we’ve talked about “state-sponsored media” in Russia, China, Venezuela, and other countries that don’t boast of a free press. We pity their citizens because they are oppressed and don’t even know it. Now, these countries probably pity us.

And that isn’t even the most worrisome thing about this entire scandal.

Your takeaway should be this.

It could happen to any of us.

Wrong place, wrong time, wrong political t-shirt, and you’re one of the people lined up in front of the congressional firing squad. You could be the victim of judicious video editing that makes you seem like a violent criminal when you were, in fact, just a tourist who happened to have voted for “the bad man.”

Our government holds a kangaroo court, and our media is Pravda. We officially live in a banana republic, a country that is echoing the works of George Orwell so closely that it seems like they took a masterclass in dystopia.

I’m embarrassed.

I’m sickened.

I’m furious.

We used to be an example of freedom and a system that worked in the eyes of the rest of the world. We are watching the rapid extinction of all the things that made our country one that was the envy of modern civilization.

But this?

This shows you just how easy it is to become an enemy of the state simply because you disagree with the state. That’s not supposed to be how it is here. The founding fathers built the right to dissent into our founding documents.

Now, though, it looks like you do so at your peril.


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