Daily Archives: February 26, 2023

Bill Gates says the quiet part out loud

From LAB to LUNGS: The real COVID timeline in a nutshell — NaturalNews.com Bill Gates says the quiet part out loud about depopulating the planet by using abortions, pharmaceuticals and “new vaccines” Dial it back. The year was 2010, and Bill Gates said the quiet part out loud, at a TED conference, explaining how the world […]

The Ruling Class of the Retirement Home — Brownstone Institute

The geriatric elite of our country reflect an obstinate arrogance in our nation’s ruling class. Rather than enjoying the benefits of accumulated wisdom, the country suffers under the egotism and incompetence of the gerontocracy.  After trillions of dollars spent on foreign interventions and a disastrous public health response, the ruling class of the retirement home shows no signs […]