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Robert Burrowes–How to Resist — henrymakow.com

“The only way we can defeat this long-planned, complex and multifaceted threat, is to mobilize sufficient people all over the world who are willing to nonviolently non-cooperate with its foundational components, that is, those elements that make the entire Elite program possible.”Makow- The shepherds are working for the wolves! People are not prepared to deal… Robert […]

WHO is Bill Gates and Bill Gates Is WHO

Who Owns the World Health Organization and Their Plan to Vaccinate and Digitally Track Every Human Being on the Planet? Bill Gates with his mentor Warren Buffet. Original image source. by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News It has been widely reported in the Alternative Media this past week that the World Health Organization (WHO) is drafting a […]

Masks Did Not Do Nothing; They Wrought Havoc — Brownstone Institute

The New York Times opinion piece on masks is too late. And it is wrong. It’s not true that mask mandates did nothing. Yes, it is true they did nothing to halt the transmission of Covid, but the mask mandates damaged us all. The imposition of masks without evidence was an appalling step for supposedly enlightened and democratic… Masks […]

Mask Mandates in Healthcare Facilities are the Evilest of them All — Brownstone Institute

Never has so much been perpetrated by so few upon so many on the basis of so little Of all the odious evils prosecuted by the government and medical establishments throughout the pandemic, mask mandates remain the paradigmatic visual symbol of the senseless capital-‘S’ Science quackery so destructive to society that contributed nothing towards mitigating […]

Most of what police do in the U.S. is bullshit

Lee Camp: Here’s How To Get Rid of Police and Not Have Everything Fall Apart. I’m Not Kidding — MintPress News Most Americans are already familiar with the stats. Killings by U.S. police reached a new record in 2022, placing one out of every ten to twelve murders in the U.S. at the hands of […]

Biodigital Convergence: The Pandemic Started The Genetic Transformation Of Humanity — Technocracy News

The Pandemic was never just about a virus and a “vaccine”. It was the first mass-scale application of synthetic biology to the human condition. As such, it transitioned theoretical Convergence science  into applied science but on a global scale. For a world that mostly never heard of Transhumanism, they have arbitrarily been placed on the… Biodigital […]