The “vaccine” genocide

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Sports are the universal escape from reality for all of humanity around the world. But there’s now a new, normalized dynamic for all sports.

Athletes, spectators and others collapsing at sporting events is so common these days that people are completely desensitized to it. A caddie collapsed and was given CPR at the PGA Pebble Beach Pro-Am (California) on February 3. There’s been no update; and the caddie’s name is being kept private.

Kamari Williams is an eighth grade student (around 14 years old) and basketball player at Southside Christian School in Simpsonville, South Carolina. He collapsed on the court during a basketball game on January 31 after suffering both a seizure and cardiac arrest.

He luckily survived (as of publishing).

But this is literally the new normal for humanity since 2021. The COVID Blog® has received a lot of angry push back from non-vaccinated people who allowed those PCR test swabs to be shoved up their noses. We’ve posited that the swabs are just as toxic as the injections, and potentially install the transhumanist “software of life” like the injections.

Poison control centers literally warned people a year ago of the toxic substance, sodium azide, contained in the free, at-home, government-issued rapid “COVID-19” swab tests. Cable channel News Nation even reported on this phenomenon almost exactly a year ago today.

“COVID-19” is either rebranded fluradiation sickness, adverse reactions to the swabs, adverse reactions to the injections, or a combination of all of them. But clearly the U.S. population has greatly declined since 2020 due to off-the-charts excess deaths and severe injuries caused by the lethal injections that removed formerly productive people from society. In fact a recent report from the New York State Insurance Fund found that one in three workers’ compensation claims were due to “long COVID,” aka vaccine injuries, in 2022.

The latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that there are two available jobs for every unemployed person seeking work. The Biden Administration claims this is because of a “strong economy.” But the truth is that millions of Americans have either died or are no longer able to work due to vaccine injuries. That’s why illegal immigrants are not only allowed to come here via the turnstyle known as the southern border, but can also demand and receive five-star accommodations in sanctuary cities.

Meanwhile the U.K. government is still playing the “we are baffled” card, as temporary morgues are being opened in several areas due to a “sharp rise in excess deaths.” The Netherlands recorded more deaths than births in 2022, the first time that’s happened since the year 1900. And #vaxxidents remain daily hazards for everyone, everywhere whether inside a vehicle or walking near a road.


In the meantime, the powers-that-be (“TPTB”) are testing, in real-time, human tolerance to software installation (mRNA and viral vector DNA injections). We know that the early 2021 versions of the “software of life” killed a lot of people within hoursdaysand/or weeks.

The post-August 2021 “slow-kill” formulas, featuring the anti-cardiac arrest and anti-heart attack drug tromethamine (aka “tris“), helps keep many vaxxed people alive for upward of three years after the injections. Note that Pfizer’s own documents admit to adding tris to the mRNA injections.

Mainstream media “fact-checkers” not only denied that Pfizer changed the formula, but also said that tris is not an anti-heart attack drug. Nobody knows what’s in those bivalent boosters, just like all mRNA, viral vector DNA, flu shot, monkeypox shot, etc. recipients have no idea what exactly is in the syringe.

What we’re mostly seeing in 2023 is vaxxed people spontaneously collapsing and dying, or dying in their sleep. Many of them received the injections more than a year ago, or had recent boosters. There will be two types of humans left in the 500 million survivors of 2030 – the 90% connected to the matrix who had the proper physiological makeup to survive the software installation, and the 10% non-vaccinated.

(Georgia Guidestones)

In the meantime, people will continue dropping dead and dying in their sleep by the millions.


Chinese spy balloons, the Grammys, the State of the Union, the 2024 Election, and a highly unusual earthquake in Turkey and Syria that has killed 8,000 people so far, with tens of thousands still missing, have kept the world distracted from the vaccine genocide for the past couple weeks.


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