Daily Archives: February 17, 2023

Free Speech Is Futile: Gates Goes Full ‘Borg’ On AI Censorship

BY TYLER DURDEN Authored by Jonathan Turley, Below is my column in the New York Post on the call of Bill Gates to use Artificial Intelligence to combat “political polarization” on the Internet. It turns out the problem on the Internet is those pesky humans “who want to believe … things” that they should not. Enter the new […]

The “vaccine” genocide

The COVID Blog […] Sports are the universal escape from reality for all of humanity around the world. But there’s now a new, normalized dynamic for all sports. Athletes, spectators and others collapsing at sporting events is so common these days that people are completely desensitized to it. A caddie collapsed and was given CPR at the […]

Nord Stream Sabotage Backfires With Historic Demolition of U.S. Image and Lies Over Ukraine War — Strategic Culture Foundation

Washington is a war-criminal state par excellence along with its European Quislings. The Hersh report is a devastating revelation of U.S. and NATO international terrorism as well as Western media complicity. It exposes the lawlessness of U.S. government, the total disregard by Washington for its so-called European allies, the supine nature of European governments, Germany… Nord […]