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The intertwined history of the Illuminati, Freemasons, Rosicrucians and Jesuits — Rights and Freedoms

BY RHODA WILSON ON JANUARY 30, 2023 • ( 7 COMMENTS ) Reviewing the historical context, some say the Illuminati and the Jesuits were one and the same.  Others say they were opponents, each with their own plan to dominate the world. There are various theories about numerous secret societies.  Some are better supported by source materials than others.  Until those societies […] […]

Government Reports & Pfizer Documents prove COVID Vaccination is causing Depopulation & we now have evidence it was the plan all along — The Expose

If we told you 20 million people had died across just the ‘FIve Eyes’ & 26 countries across Europe over the past two years resulting in the most excess deaths seen in half a decade wouldn’t you at least be a little bit curious to find out why? You might be quick to blame Covid-19, […] […]

Oh the Irony: Paul Craig Racist Concerned About Blacks in Somalia

Washington Says It Is OK for the US and Israel to attack and invade other countries, but not for Russia Biden Regime Ramps Up Drone Strikes in Somalia Why isn’t Washington’s murder of blacks in Somalia racism?  Where is Black Lives Matter?  Where are their allies, the white liberals?  Why is the Democrat regime murdering… Washington […]