CORPRO-FASCISM: How The World’s Nazi Movement Relocated From Berlin To Washington – By Eric Zuesse — RIELPOLITIK

Source – “…The major difference between German imperialism of the 1930s (Nazism) and American imperialism after WW II, has been that the latter displays vastly more sophisticated propaganda-techniques, and is consequently far more hypocritical, not nearly so bold and forthright in the propaganda for its many aggressions (‘for democracy and human rights’) as Hitler’s 


There is sound reason why global polls show that America is the #1 country that is cited as posing the world’s biggest threat to peace. Global polls didn’t exist during World War II, but if they had, then America certainly wouldn’t have been viewed that way then; probably Nazi Germany would have been. And America has risen to take its place.

The U.S. Congressional Research Service’s list of U.S. invasions (including increases in existing invasions) lists and briefly describes 297 such invasions after WW II (i.e., during 1945-2022, a 77-year period), and is titled “Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798-2022”. That 297 U.S. invasions in the past 77 years is more than all of the instances put together during 1798-1945 — a 147-year period. And none of those 77 invasions was defensive. All were unConstitutional. Most of them were purely aggressions (some in order to help a foreign tyrant suppress his own population). America’s Founders had insisted there be no “standing army” in this nation. Until Truman established the ‘Defense’ Department and CIA in 1947, there wasn’t any. That created America’s military-industrial complex, which he and his hero and immediate successor Eisenhower institutionalized. There can be no doubt that starting in 1945 (i.e., with Truman), America changed fundamentally. It became Hitler’s heir. And that is how and why it happened. I don’t think that one can understand it truthfully without knowing this history.


CORPRO-FASCISM: How The World’s Nazi Movement Relocated From Berlin To Washington – By Eric Zuesse — RIELPOLITIK

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