mRNA Madness–it’s only just begun — Break Free


If you are under the impression that recent revelations about vaccine injuries are going to result in inquiries, criminal convictions, or even a temporary pause to mRNA vaccine production, you are sadly mistaken.


The Experiments Continue

In March of 2022, the NIH launched Phase 1 of a clinical trial evaluating three experimental HIV vaccines based on a messenger RNA (mRNA) platform

In December 2022, Touchlight announced it had received a grant for an undisclosed amount from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Touchlight says they have developed a “novel, synthetic DNA vector, known as doggybone DNA or dbDNA™ and enzymatic manufacturing process, which enables us to produce DNA at unprecedented speed, scale and purity.”

Get the idea? To produce millions, billions of mRNA vaccines faster than ever before and to administer them efficiently to everyone across the planet for all manner of illnesses. Nothing is being slowed down. Nothing is being stopped. Quite the contrary. The manufacture of these gene therapies is moving forward at, as Trump would say, “warp speed.”

Not surprisingly, at the Axel Springer Award in 2020, Elon Musk raved about exploiting mRNA vaccines to his advantage.

He said:

“You can basically do anything with synthetic RNA/DNA. It’s like a computer program…. You could probably stop aging, reverse it if you want. You could turn someone into a frigging butterfly if you want with the right sequence. I mean, caterpillars do it.”

Always ready to make a buck, in 2020, Tesla came forward to tackle ventilator shortages amid the coronavirus pandemic. Before long the resourceful Musk had acquired 1,200+ ventilators from China.

This despite doctors such as Dr. Paul Casey, medical director of Bellin Health Emergency Services in Green Bay, warning at the same time that, “We now think putting someone on a ventilator is almost a death sentence.”

We’ll never know how many people died needlessly from being put on ventilators instead of being offered early preventive treatments. We’ll never know because things like that don’t matter.

mRNA Madness–it’s only just begun — Break Free

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