Daily Archives: December 20, 2022

It Was Always About Control — Brownstone Institute

Early on in March 2020 I was leery of the hysteria surrounding Covid and decided my course of action was to be wait and see. At the time I was under the impression that I was a freeborn citizen with a number of unalienable rights, including sovereignty over my bodily choices. So when the talk… It […]

The Righteous Certitude of the Disease Mitigators — Brownstone Institute

The weekend before last, I had the immense pleasure and honor of participating in Brownstone Institute’s conference, The Great Restoration, which focused on the COVID crisis and solutions in the aftermath of the crisis. You can watch the conference here. Jeffrey Tucker, Brownstone Institute founder and president, brought together some of the most courageous, thoughtful and committed leaders… The […]

Lockdowns Deaths in 2020 Were 42% of Excess Deaths — Brownstone Institute

There were virtually no Covid vaccinations given in 2020 (0.8% of population, and only 18 Covid vaccine deaths reported to VAERS), which makes it an ideal year for analyzing excess Covid deaths vs. excess lockdown deaths, which I am defining to include all excess deaths above Covid deaths, including iatrogenic deaths, and all other Non-Pharmaceutical Intervention-caused… Lockdowns […]