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Why Was David Icke Banned From 26 European Nations? — Activist Post

By Neenah Payne Legendary British author David Icke was to be the featured speaker at an event, a peace rally, called “Together for the Netherlands”… Why Was David Icke Banned From 26 European Nations? Why Was David Icke Banned From 26 European Nations? — Activist Post

Dr. ‘Mike Yeadon’ “The ‘Covid-19’ Depopulation Agenda is Real, & What You Can Do About It”


Who rules the world? Anonymous said…Made in the USAThe Capitol Hill Steering Committee on Pandemic Preparedness & Health Security is an educational forum to discuss new topics, technologies, and ideas that can improve domestic health security now and in the future. It convenes staff from congressional offices, federal agencies, and the invited public focused on strengthening US health… GATES […]

US Plans to Lockdown and Wait for a Vaccine Date from 2007 — Brownstone Institute

More and more evidence is coming to light that the ‘lockdown and wait for a vaccine’ strategy unleashed in 2020 was being cooked up inside the US Government for decades before COVID-19 appeared and gave too many people an excuse to put the dreadful plan into action. Recently the role of CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) in producing […]