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‘Nazi’-inspired US prison guards, American ‘revolution’ and Ukraine conflict: Highlights from Viktor Bout’s RT interview — RT – Daily news

The Russian businessman described “inhuman” conditions in US jails and ridiculed claims that he armed the Taliban In his first big interview since release, Viktor Bout, a man the US claimed was a major arms dealer, spoke to RT on Saturday. Bout was returned to Russia on Thursday in a high-profile prisoner swap for basketball player… […] […]

Masks Were Unethical by Design — Brownstone Institute

Many public health responses we saw during the pandemic were inherently unethical, but our flippancy concerning child safety in public schools has been among the most egregious. Sadly, families remain largely resourceless against power-hungry leadership.  Masking remains an issue hotly debated at school board meetings around the globe. In Ontario, Canada, on November 24th, 2022,… Masks […]

Grant Wahl: 48-year-old vaxxed American sports journalist collapses and dies at World Cup; LGBTV blame Qatar government for alleged murder — The COVID Blog®

TheCOVIDBlog.com December 10, 2022 Mr. Grant Wahl.LUSAIL, QATAR — This story contains a little bit of everything related to The Great Reset, particularly mass delusions, tribal hypocrisy, irony and vaxx zealotry. Retrospect is required to fully understand this story. Muslims account for about 9% of the population of France. That is the largest concentration of… Grant […]

Dr. McCullough: mRNA from COVID Vax Transfers from Jabbed to Unjabbed, ‘Changing Human Genome’

‘It’s conceivable that two vaccinated people could actually pass the code for Pfizer or Moderna into their baby, permanently,’ the renowned epidemiologist said. By Patrick Delaney In a recent interview, distinguished internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough shared how studies have indicated that synthetic mRNA from the Pfizer and Moderna experimental COVID vaccines may last permanently in […]