Daily Archives: November 1, 2022

Anarchy in America: We’re Being Gunned Down Like Dogs in the Street — John W. Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney

With alarming regularity, unarmed men, women, children and even pets are being gunned down by the government’s standing army of militarized police who shoot first and ask questions later, and all the government does is shrug and promise to do better. Things are not getting better. […] …we will continue to be shot down like dogs […]

“You Murderous Hypocrites”

Outrage Ensues After The Atlantic Suggests “Amnesty” For Pandemic Authoritarians By Tyler Durden The Atlantic has come under fire for suggesting that all the terrible pandemic-era decisions over lockdowns, school closures, masking, and punishing an entire class of people who questioned the efficacy and wisdom of taking a rushed, experimental vaccine – for a virus with a 99% survival rate in […]