COVID-1984: ‘The Lying Kings’, Pfizer, Fauci, Biden Lied About Vaxx Transmission Data — RIELPOLITIK

Source – “…Alas, if there’s one revelation that could shake the COVIDians out of their coma, it’s this: a Pfizer executive under questioning in the European Parliament, recently admitted the awful truth: viral transmission was not tested in Pfizer trials” SM:…Lies: And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at…COVID-1984… 


Thousands, perhaps millions of people, including children who were never at personal risk of COVID but internalized the propaganda, got injected, and went on to suffer myocarditis, the effects of which can last indefinitely and shorten lifespan.

Millions of Americans lost their livelihoods due to their refusal to comply with vaccine mandates – again, legally premised on the vaxxes stopping transmission. They got left out in the cold with no legal recourse.

Hospitals denied desperate patients lifesaving organ transplants who refused to submit to the shot.

Liberal intellectual hero Noam Chomsky recommended locking the unvaxxed in their homes to literally starve them out in siege warfare.

Due to data suppression, we may never know for sure how many people ultimately lost their lives who would not have gotten the shot if not for Pfizer and Public Health© gaslighting and coercion.

We need Nuremberg II. The guilty Public Health© and big pharma demons who did this must be punished, and brutally so. If/when the GOP retakes Congress in November, they need to feel the pressure to act under threat of insurgency if they don’t.

COVID-1984: ‘The Lying Kings’, Pfizer, Fauci, Biden Lied About Vaxx Transmission Data — RIELPOLITIK

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