Having It Both Ways: Biden Frees All Marijuana Prisoners – Except Not At All  — MintPress News

Biden said he will pardon anyone convicted of simple federal marijuana possession between 1992 and 2021. So how many hundreds of thousands will be freed from our brutal prisons? How many souls has this courageous man freed from the jaws of confinement?

“Officials estimate about 6,500 people with federal convictions for simple possession of marijuana will benefit,” reported the BBC.

That’s a lot fewer than I thought. Over 30 years, that’s about 217 people per year.

But that’s okay, at least it’s something! So how many of those 6,500 can walk out of prison right now and immediately hug President Biden?

Well, as the BBC continued, “No-one is currently in federal prison solely for possession of marijuana.”

No one? Biden just freed no one! 


Also, in Biden’s little speech there, he forgot to mention that he “was a chief architect of the deadly, costly Drug War.”

We wouldn’t even be in this situation – where America is the largest prison state in the world – if it hadn’t been for Joe Biden and his insane quest to lock up as many black and brown people as possible!

Biden Frees All Marijuana Prisoners – Except Not At All  — MintPress News

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