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Wikispooks and LittleSis – #SolutionsWatch — The Corbett Report

If only there were some handy-dandy websites for finding out more information about the people and organizations we see mentioned in the news. Oh wait, there are! Join James for today’s edition of #SolutionsWatch as he guides you through an exploration of Peter Thiel and shows you some interesting websites along the way. The post… Wikispooks […]

The 150 Bilderbergers Who Influenced And Controlled The Response To COVID-19 — Technocracy News

The Bilderberg Meetings are where global narratives are created in private and behind closed doors. This mammoth study of the aftermath of those meetings digs into the subsequent activities of members with respect to COVID-19. TN recommends downloading the associated PDF. ⁃ TN Editor It is unknown whether a 2021 Bilderberg Meeting was held; the… The […]

After 2020, anything is possible

America Quietly Prepares for Nuclear War — Armstrong Economics I mentioned in a prior post that the US was purchasing anti-radiation medication. The media is urging the public not to fear as this is simply a precaution. Yet, the US would not have shelled out $290 million on a drug if the intelligence agencies did […]

Having it both ways: ‘Covid is over and it’s also not over’

“The President was very clear”