Did you know the goal is for your body to be networked and used as a node on the Internet? Sounds crazy, I know. How does that work? The technocrats have discovered that body fluids like blood carry electrical signals very well and they’ve designed so-called “body area networks” using Bluetooth technology to send signals on and around the body. Yes it’s a thing. The military have been using it for a while.

It’s called the Internet of Bodies, or IoB and the technology is designed to integrate with the Internet of Things, or IoT.

Internet of Bodies (IoB) Extends Internet of Things (IoT) – Redefines Future of Bionics and Embedded Systems

So, how does one connect a human body to an internet network? Subcutaneous devices injected under the skin, of course. Popescu, the author of this article, envisions self-assembling always-on graphene semiconductors which can be powered by the human body’s heat and electrical current.FROM HUMAN BODY DIGITIZATION TO INTERNET OF BODIES TOWARD A NEW DIMENSION OF MILITARY OPERATIONS,

Subcutaneous devices injected under the skin? What does THAT remind you of?

But we’ll carry on.

BTLE, Bluetooth Low Energy

Have you heard of vaccinated people emitting numbers? It sounds crazy, just as crazy as vaccinated people turning metallic, which by the way happened to one of our friends.

I’m a computer technician by trade, with a relevant computer networking qualification. I can hook things up and I know how devices communicate with the internet. I understand IP numbers, MAC addresses. I can convert hex and binary numbers to decimal. That’s my gig.

I was interested in the type of network being used so I had a look at one of the videos where people were emitting these numbers, and noted the network protocol, BTLE.

So the Body Area Network is using a special kind of Bluetooth connection called BTLE – Bluetooth low energy. No doubt you are familiar with the term Bluetooth, you probably use Bluetooth technology for your devices. This type of Bluetooth is independent of classic Bluetooth and has no compatibility, so injected people cannot become Bluetooth pairable with other devices, but they are generating a MAC address. (See links for the technical explanation of a MAC address.) Both kinds of Bluetooth use 2.4 GHz and are intended for short-hop wireless communication.

Wireless nano-technology is not new, it’s been around for at least a decade. These self-assembling electronic nanocircuits, with real nanoscale components, such as nanorouters, and nanoantennas, formed of graphene, act as a signal repeater to form a nanonetwork within the person’s body. The packet routing system used for this was called CORONA (COordinate and ROuting System for NAnonetworks).

We all know the reason for the global vaccine push was the CORONA virus. What a coincidence!

Again we’ll move on.

If you have been injected, just pray that the batch of the serum you got stayed in the arm muscle without doing anything. But don’t let the agencies pusing the boosters talk you into doing it again.

Not everyone will be magnetic or emitting MAC addresses. Thanks to the work of researchers such as Craig Paardekooper (see my previous Blog post) who exposed the toxic batches, we know that

90% or more of the injuries, adverse events, side effects, disabilities, hospitalizations and deaths from the COVID fake-vaccine came from just 5% of the batches, and we can speculate that some but not all of the non-vaccines contain Bluetooth capable nanochips with MAC addresses.THE COVID VACCINE: MORE EVIDENCE THE VACCINE IS EMBEDDING MAC ADDRESSES.

But it’s scary to think how many people have been innocently and callously subjected to the nanotech and had their bodies changed without their knowledge or consent. And that’s at best. At worst, people were killed or permanantly disabled by the toxic batches of the Covid jab.

The links below are mainly scientific but I have included people conducting their own experiments.


MAC address

MAC is an acronym for ‘Media Access Control’ and it’s a standard networking term for a a six byte hexadecimal address. Hex is a 12-character alphanumeric code that consists of 6 groups of 2 characters, each group separated by a colon or dash.

See the video clip of a simple experiment in France in this article. The Bluetooth number that showed up was type BTLE. The BTLE numbers that the vaxxed may be generating are 12 numbers.


This article was from an obscure Romanian military journal, Land Forces Academy Review. In the Review’s October 2019 edition there is an article titled, “FROM HUMAN BODY DIGITIZATION TO INTERNET OF BODIES TOWARD A NEW DIMENSION OF MILITARY OPERATIONS” by Vasile Florin Popescu of the National Defense University of Romania. Though an obscure source, this brief report encapsulates the obvious trajectory for this technology perfectly. It should come as no surprise that from the earliest days of conceptualizing the Internet of Bodies that the military applications of such a concept were at the forefront.FROM HUMAN BODY DIGITIZATION TO INTERNET OF BODIES TOWARD A NEW DIMENSION OF MILITARY OPERATIONS, VASILE FLORIN POPESCU, PUBLISHED ONLINE: 23 OCT 2019


Bluetooth connection, BTLE – Bluetooth low energy.
BTLE is a wireless personal area network technology aimed at novel applications in the healthcare, fitness, beacons, security, and home entertainment industries. It is independent of classic Bluetooth and has no compatibility, but Bluetooth Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate (BR/EDR) and LE can coexist.HTTPS://EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG/WIKI/BLUETOOTH_LOW_ENERGY


Self-assembling Bluetooth capable nanochips and the link with vaccines.

What would the MAC address be used for? As an electronic ID, for digital certificates? “Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it,” Gates said in 2020. Source: As Coronavirus Panic Spreads, Bill Gates Talks Up ‘Digital Certificates’ to Enforce Mandatory Vaccines

These electronic components are organized in Quantum Dots (GQDs) and Quantum Cells (QCA). Quantum Dots Deliver Vaccines and Invisibly Encode Vaccination History in Skin

See the section on Quantum-dot tattoos in my post Vaxed – vexing questions about the Coronavirus pandemic which I wrote in 2020.

Gates asked researchers at MIT to come up with an ID in 2019, see their article from December 2019 ‘Storing medical information below the skin’s surface.’

The digital vertificates are part of the UN Agenda 2030 plan for a Universal ID.


Video of scanning people’s Blutooth codes

Bluetooth Vaccine? Does the Injected COVID Non-Vaccine Connect With Devices?

Vaccinated People Emitting MAC Addresses; What’s Causing This Phenomenon?


Dr. Chinda Brandolino on the nanoprocessors in the ‘vaccine.’ Source: Orwell City.
Mónica Calcedo: The chip. Is that real or a lie?
Dr. Chinda Brandolino: It’s a nanoprocessor. I say again that it is in plain view for those who want to see the micrographs of the electron microscope study made by Kalcker. It’s clearly seen, in the magnification, a small, perfect, quadrangular, precise-edged, metallic corpuscle, which is the same as any nanoprocessor in nanotechnology-responsive devices.
That nanoprocessor is driven from a 4G Plus or 5G antenna. That is, all G technology is the same. The difference lies in that the packet of information that an antenna can transmit is much larger in 4G Plus and 5G, 6G, and 7G.
That is, all that compact information is handled by a nanoprocessor —in a device—, which will be just inside our cells. By having Morgellons in the polyethylene glycol, they’re self-reproducing. That’s to say, it’s self-replicating. But because it’s in graphene… Graphene is a catalyst and, as I explained to you, makes that cell resonate with the 5G antenna and the microwaves of human thought. Can you understand that? There’s a nanoprocessor driven by a 5G antenna that goes directly to the workings of our brain.
But they are two different things: the microchip for the information and the nanoprocessor managed by the 5G antennas.ORWELL CITY, DR. CHINDA BRANDOLINO ON THE NANOPROCESSORS IN THE ‘VACCINE’
AUGUST 27, 2021

The Transhuman Agenda

Weird COVID Vax Phenomena is Actually Expected if You Understand the Transhumanism Agenda

The New World Order (NWO) manipulators weren’t joking when they talked years ago of the Internet of Things (IoT) to work in conjunction with 5GBond-villain Klaus Schwab wasn’t joking when his World Economic Forum (WEF) talked recently of the Internet of Bodies (IoB). These Orwellian things are coming very rapidly into our reality, and we better pay attention. The Transhumanistic desire to turn all of us into Human 2.0 is happening right before our eyes and it’s high time to wake up to the agenda before it’s too late.

Grave concerns

How can I put this without it sounding sensationalist? It seems people’s bodies are still emitting the MAC addresses even when they’re dead and buried.

Cemetery Filled With Bluetooth Signals as Dead Vaccinated Emit MAC Addresses From the Grave!

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