Covid Injections Are Dangerous, What You Can Do If You’ve Had One or Two — The Expose


Treatments for Vaccine Recipients

Dr. Shoemaker: [Ivermectin is] the only medicine that helps you fight if you’ve got a vaccine injury. It’s the key to a vaccine injury protocol.  It’s time.  It’s time. This is over because the science is strong. The science is huge, that ivermectin is the thing that should always be available. But now that we’ve created this crisis, we need it even more. We need it even more in Canada, in everywhere.

Dr. Shoemaker: I want I ivermectin available for everybody. I don’t want you to have to go to the veterinary clinic or the veterinary store to get some of this medicine. It has to be made perfectly and ethically legal in all of your pharmacies.

Dr. Trozzi: For the treatment protocols, if like [Dr. Shoemaker], if you’ve had a couple of those injections or one of those injections and you got these spike proteins being produced by yourselves, go to the World Council for Health, go to the Spike Protein Detox Guide. Dr. Shoemaker is aware of that. The FLCCC do a great job [and] Canada Covid Care Alliance. These are very similar protocols. There’s a variety of things you can do, both natural and medicinal, including one of the safest, most effective medications in the history of mankind – ivermectin.

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Covid Injections Are Dangerous, What You Can Do If You’ve Had One or Two — The Expose


  1. shekel heckle · · Reply

    Any ‘Truther’ who dismisses graphene oxide in the vaccines must be sidelined as disinfo agents. Including Todd Calender, Richard Fleming and a few others. DARPA hydro gel is an OPERATING SYSTEM to facilitate financial transactions using the self assembling structures only Graphene Ox can create. The GREAT RESET is above all else, a new CASHLESS global financial PAYMENTS system

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