Flashback: Chemtrail Cloud Creation


September 26, 2014 · by nomad 

Somebody, somebody in authority –judges, congressmen– need to do something about this. There is no doubt –it’s not a “conspiracy theory”– that we are being sprayed. Direct observation of the emissions from, invariably, very high flying aircraft reveals this. Today’s observation, for example. I wasn’t necessarily going to post a chemwatch today. I woke up to find heavy chemtrailing going on. It was, sadly, nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing to write home about. Then, later this morning as those trails had begun to dissolve into thin translucent clouds, I noticed that the trails now being laid were not as heavy. By comparison they were pinstripes. Lingering, like the earlier ones, but thin. And there were frequent interruptions in these trails, rather long ones. I followed one plane. It’s pinstripe trail stopped as it entered a bank of translucent clouds. Strangely enough, though the plane itself was too far away and enshrouded in this haze to be visible, I could still follow its path as a “negative” trail that cut through this cloud. It left no trail the whole time it coursed through this haze, but shortly after it emerged it began leaving a trail again. And now, about an hour later, I observed the same behavior with two other planes. They arched across the sky, traversing several banks of translucent clouds in the process. Each time these planes passed through these clouds, their trails stopped, resuming again after they emerged. Obviously these planes are attempting to fill in the aerosol gaps between the banks of translucent clouds created by earlier sprayings. 11:30 AM.

There are broken banks and bands of translucent clouds all over the sky now. Few active chemtrails. But ironically the fresh trails seem to be doing the opposite of what I observed earlier. Instead of stopping the spray when it enters a translucent cloud bank and restarting upon exit, these trails tend to start when they enter a cloud formation and stop when they exit, as if they are trying to increase the volume of the manufactured clouds. 1:30 PM

2:00 PM. Indeed, these clouds have grown surprisingly thick in some areas. There are a couple bands where the coagulation is so great I can no longer refer to these clouds as translucent. They are as thick as cumulus clouds. I did not know that chemtrails alone were capable of producing clouds this thick. It’s like a spine of natural cumulus clouds at the core of a translucent manmade bank of clouds. And indeed, that is a possibility: a spontaneous (or planned) generation of cumulus clouds amid this manmade morass.

4:00 PM. Three quarters of the sky is covered with a sheet of streaky textured clouds, like a fuzzy fibrous blanket. Translucent but not thin. The sun high in the west  behind this sheet resembles a light bulb behind a lamp shade. This sheet of clouds begins to break down in the eastern quadrant.

5:30 PM. This turns out to have been one of those days when I have gone outside frequently. And things remain pretty much the same as I described them earlier. The fibrous sheet is a little more mottled perhaps, looking something like a frosted window across the western sky. Hardly worth another update, except that it occurred to me that amid all of the coagulating  residue of chemtrail spray wafting around upstairs, there is no evidence of recent chemtrail activity. Active spraying seems to have ceased by late afternoon. Since then the cloud cover has consisted of these sprayed aerosol accumulations lingering overhead.

7:20 PM. The sky is darkening. The artificial cloud cover is shifting and/or somewhat breaking down. And there are a couple of fresh chemtrails in the sky. So apparently spraying continues into the evening, just not to the extent that it was earlier in the day.

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