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Social Credit: This time next year you’ll be living in “China”

If we lose this war, and for the first time I now fear that we might, it will not be because of the lies and the deceits from the billionaire conspirators who control governments, the media and the professions. It will not be because of the censorship and demonization of the truth-tellers. If we lose […]

When somebody asks me why I don’t trust the government

“If you use ‘conspiracy theory’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’ pejoratively, ask yourself if it’s possible that you are a dumb, profoundly gullible d-bag for buying the narratives being fed to you.” Professor Dave Collum — Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Cornell University (Twitter, May 25 2021) May 30 2021 — From day one, the Wuhan lab-leak theory […] […]

War Casualties: 10,000% Increase In Cancer Reports After mRNA Injections — Technocracy News

Write them all off as war casualties. By any calculation, it is biological warfare because the perpetrators refuse to stop even in the face of massive evidence that their biological agent is killing and maiming innocent civilians. This dark period of world history will be recorded as the largest genocidal event ever. Who will stand… War […]

Dr. Mercola: Patrick Wood On The Pressing Dangers Of Technocracy — Technocracy News

With one political outrage after another, Technocrats are slipping by with their unending agenda to create a scientific dictatorship and make politics irrelevant. We are at war with these Technocrats and yet have not begun to fight: Why? Because the enemy, operating in stealth mode, has not yet been recognized. Subscribe to my new serialized… Dr. […]