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Bill Russell COVID-19 Vaccine PSA

He died at 88 years old. Still, it was a year after doing his vaxx duty. He joins the ranks of Colin Powell and Hank Aaron.

Dr. Robert Malone: ‘Gaslighted, Ridiculed, Defamed’ — But Not Discredited — The Most Revolutionary Act

By  Dr. Joseph Mercola Like others who tried to share truth and opinions that differ from the official COVID-19 narrative, Dr. Robert Malone said he’s been viciously attacked by media, but wisdom and knowledge are now being validated on a near-daily basis. Story at a glance: Media and health authorities also ignore what Dr. Robert […] […]

Technocracy And Empire: The Influence Of Zbigniew Brzezinski — Activist Post

This is a recent article by a European blogger, Hügo Krüger, that looks into the life of Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was a co-founder of the… Technocracy And Empire: The Influence Of Zbigniew Brzezinski Technocracy And Empire: The Influence Of Zbigniew Brzezinski — Activist Post

Public Health Holocaust: Worldwide, the Vaccinated Are Suddenly Dying | Six Canadian Doctors Dead | Eleven Italians Dead at the Beach | 818 Athletes Dead, 1225 Cardiac Arrests | Children & Babies Are Dying — The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

Report with links | Ramola D | July 31, 2022 News from Canada of six young doctors suddenly dying, one with a diagnosis of cancer after middle of last year (after a COVID vaccine?), three of them from the same hospital Trillium Health after it mandated boosters for its staff, three of them athletically fit,… Public […]