BA.4/BA.5 #Omicron Variants: WHO Lies?

While it’s true the BA.4/BA.5 #Omicron variants are highly infectious, they seem to be much less virulent + do not have the same hospitalization + death rate…‘The exception is if you are #vaccinated.’ — Dr. Paul Marik vaccines, vaccineinjuries, BigPharma,

Dr. Paul Marik on #CHDTV —


  1. I agree with dude. They have been lying this entire time. Those vaccines contain poison and are a direct threat to a person’s immune system which is why people who are vaccinated are the ones getting sicker and dying. They need to stay away from us if it is true that they shed that mess that they stood in line and rolled up their sleeve for. It is idiocy these days to believe anything people say without doing some research. If I had not done my research, or thought for myself, I’d be dead now from that mess they tried to pump me full of. People need to stop being sheep.

    1. i say social distance from the vaccinated

      1. That’s a really good idea, but sometimes hard to do when you’ve got to rub shoulders with them on an airplane. I’ve got to fly out of here next month to attend mediation and so I’ve got to surround myself with those pathogens. Yeah, lucky me…..

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