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BA.4/BA.5 #Omicron Variants: WHO Lies?

While it’s true the BA.4/BA.5 #Omicron variants are highly infectious, they seem to be much less virulent + do not have the same hospitalization + death rate…‘The exception is if you are #vaccinated.’ — Dr. Paul Marik vaccines, vaccineinjuries, BigPharma, Dr. Paul Marik on #CHDTV — sovren.media

The New York Times Prepared the Way for Full Disease Panic on February 27, 2020

JEFFREY A. TUCKER  On February 27, 2020, weeks before full disease panic hit the US, the New York Times podcast started preparing the way with an interview with its lead virus reporter Donald G. McNeil. He promoted panic and lockdowns (“This is alarmist, but I think right now, it’s justified,”), and reinforced the point in […]