VICTIMS OF THE VAX – Mark Steyn GB News — Rights and Freedoms

July 14th, 2022 Here is the GB News Special “Victims Of The Vax”, hosted by Mark Steyn. Mark Steyn interviews victims of the Covid-19 jab that MSM think “do not exist”. NOTE: The break-up in the recording (between timecodes 00:04:04 – 00:04:12) was on the original recording. I have edited out the ad breaks for […]

VICTIMS OF THE VAX – Mark Steyn GB News — Rights and Freedoms


  1. I feel sorry for people whose job demanded that they get the jab or be fired. And it’s not like those jabs are stopping people from getting really sick and dying. I admit, I caught COVID when I went to Atlantic City, but I would still refuse the vaccine.

    1. Covid or a dangerous gene modifying “vaccine”. What a choice. I too would take my chances with no more dangerous than the flu covid.
      When you had covid did you actually have symptoms?

      1. The worst symptom I had was a sore throat and I went to the ER because I suspected strep throat and of course they swabbed me for COVID and strep and both came back positive. They tried to get me to go to the hospital on the following day to get “infusion therapy.” They don’t know anything about it, it is only approved for emergency use and it is not widely available. Of course I told them where to stick their “infusion therapy.” I took an antibiotic for the strep throat and I took 50,000 IU vitamin D and 500mg of vitamin C, goggled with warm salt water followed by warm water and peroxide and I felt better in about a week. The cough just lingered awhile longer and I also lost my sense of taste and had fatigue for the first 3 days. But they were trying to kill me, in my opinion, with that “infusion therapy” mess. It just feels like the flu. So I don’t get the craziness behind trying to scare people half to death with all the talk about folks needing respirators and then dropping dead. I never had any lung problems or breathing problems. In fact, the pain never made it past my throat. If you have a strong immune system, you’ll be fine and I don’t eat meat or sweets, so that may have helped me out as well. What’s killing people is not COVID, what’s killing them is the deadly mess the quacks are recommending people take when they come down with COVID. People didn’t need that mess. That’s what took them out. This is ALL intentional because if they don’t do their research, people will just blindly accept what the quacks say and they’ll find themselves in a worse predicament. I knew better and so I got better.

      2. I happen to be one of those with a compromised immune system and i still ain’t buying that shit. the cure is much worse than the disease, in my opinion. and dont get me started on the healthcare system. they almost killed me a couple of years ago.

      3. “they almost killed me a couple of years ago.”

        I am still suffering from a procedure that was performed on me from back in September of 2017. I will never be right. And come to find out, I did NOT need the procedure. The procedure is what caused the problems that I am still dealing with. The “death squad” which is what I call those quacks were trying to push that “infusion therapy” on me saying that I have an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto thyroiditis. And I told them that I didn’t care about that, I was still not taking that “infusion therapy.” Like I said before, what they are doing to people is intentional because people need not have died over this COVID mess. They did NOT die from COVID. They died because these death squads ‘did’ them in. I posted what happened to me on my blog and I even included, names, the referral for the “infusion therapy” and the box of Paxlovid that is also experimental that I researched and was going to take until I researched it and found that it was almost as bad as getting the “infusion therapy” and as it turned out, I didn’t need either. I don’t know if you heard or not, but that Fauci piece of sh!t has been vaccinated FOUR times, TWO were boosters and he still got COVID and took Paxlovid and then had rebound COVID. Wasn’t he the one who said if you took the vaccine, you would NOT get COVID? His ass need to be underneath a prison cell!!!

      4. interesting. i’ve been on infusion since before the hospital tried to kill, some five years ago, to be more precise. (punched a hole in my heart!). im under the impression that it boosts my immune system. seems to be working. here my attitude is just the opposite of my attitude toward covid “vaccines”. In the case of infusion, for me at least, the cure is definitely better than the alternative.

      5. I don’t think it’s the same “infusion therapy” because the literature stated that this was only for COVID and that it had emergency approval by the FDA and that they don’t even know how it works because it is experimental and it is not widely available. That doesn’t sound like the infusion therapy you’re getting. It was called “Bamlanivimab”: monoclonal antibody therapy. Is that the type of infusion they give you?

      6. wow. i just recently got started on a socalled monoclonal infusion. Rituxin, in addition to the one ive been on for 5+ years.

      7. Damn, that sounds too close to what they were trying to get me to take. But you see, I’m in LYNCHburg, VA and so you know that if any Black person is sitting in front of a white quack, they mean that person MUCH harm and so I will steer clear of anything they prescribe that sounds too whack especially when they say that it only has emergency approval by the FDA which really don’t mean shit because the FDA ain’t shit and I’m going to steer clear of it when they say that it is experimental, they don’t know a thing about it and it is not widely available, but somehow, it’s available to my Black behind in small racist burg called “LYNCHburg” that’s got a “Main Street.” I’m not buying it. No thanks! They’ll try and LYNCH me any way they can, I already know.

      8. you are right. to be honest, the whole of US is lynchburg for black folk. just ask the police. unfortunately im in a position where my option is almost literally choose your poison.

      9. I am sorry to know that nomad. I am hoping for the best for you because I know how it feels when the medical establishment fucks you up for life and then you have to take some mess that you may not really want to take, but have no choice. Stay strong nomad! And I sincerely hope that things work out for you, I really do!!!

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