Senate security chief on January 6 dies before surprise hearing — RT – Daily news

RT – Daily news

Michael Stenger had previously suggested that the pro-Trump Capitol Hill riot was the work of “professional agitators” Michael Stenger, the former Senate Sergeant at Arms who oversaw security during the Capitol Hill riot on January 6, 2021, has died. News of Stenger’s death came hours after the Democrat-led January 6 Committee announced a surprise hearing.…

Following a speech by then-President Donald Trump that day, a crowd of Trump’s supporters descended on the Capitol to protest the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral victory. Some were waved into the Capitol by police, while others forced their way in. Three protesters died of natural causes and one was shot dead by a Capitol Police officer. A police officer died of natural causes the following day. Two police officers died by suicide later, one of them only four days after the riot.


In his own testimony to the Senate after the riot, Stenger called for investigations into the role “professional agitators” may have played in stoking the riot. Stenger never testified to the House January 6 Committee.

Senate security chief on January 6 dies before surprise hearing — RT – Daily news

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