Daily Archives: May 25, 2022

School Closings and Violent Youth: A Potential Link — Brownstone Institute

Our greatest fears have now seemed to materialize. The school closures, social dislocation, the two years of isolation, the lockdown psychosis, plus dehumanizing masking and the resulting anxiety, depression, and despair, may have unleashed and may have enhanced depraved and murderous behavior.  Two major incidents have been in the news but the trend is larger.… School […]

Microplastics From Masks Found Deep in Lungs of the Living — Global Research

By Dr. Joseph Mercola Researchers found 39 microplastics in surgical lung samples from 11 of 13 people. There were 12 types that would commonly be found in plastic bottles, twine, clothing and surgical masks A respirator specialist says surgical masks don’t meet the legal definition of a mask but rather are “breathing barriers.” He was emphatic […]