US/West Getting Fleas from Lying with Nazified Ukrainian Dogs — The Stephen Lendman Blog

Playing with matches risks getting burned. Associating with undesirables risks self-inflicted harm. Dominant Nazi-infested Ukrainians aren’t the type folks you’d invite to meet family and friends. Nor what individuals of good sense would want to hang out with. Yet hegemon USA and its Western vassals treat them like normal people, their extremism ignored, their war crimes and related atrocities encouraged…

US/West Getting Fleas from Lying with Nazified Ukrainian Dogs — The Stephen Lendman Blog

…events in the US/West resemble what occurred in Nazi Germany after Hitler became chancellor in January 1933, then fuhrer in August 1934.

Freedoms began eroding ahead of disappearing altogether.

The pattern is repeating now in the US/West.

Hitler’s rise to power led to WW II.

Will ongoing events culminate in global war 3.0?

During WW I and II, waring sides used their most destructive weapons against adversaries.

Will humanity survive if the pattern repeats — another global war with infinitely more destructive weapons available now than earlier?

That’s today’s monumental threat at a time when sociopaths and psychopaths are running things in Washington and key European capitals.

Today is by far the most perilous time in world history.

The risk of things boiling over catastrophically real is ominously high.

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