This is the fourth in a series of articles on shortages purposely engineered for political and economic reasons, as the New World Order tries to put the squeeze on people like you and me. My first article concerned the manufactured coin shortage, as the New World Order seeks to drive us to cashless transactions using smartphones they can easily control and track.




  1. I hope people already have seeds, hopefully non-GMO and a piece of land on which to grow their own food. Many of us saw this coming. My mother saw it coming and that is why she refused to part with her land. Now, that land is in use providing food.

    The behind the scenes puppet masters are hell bent on killing us all through starvation, homelessness, abject poverty, horrific ‘health care’; the whole nine yards.

    1. mind bogglingly evil that these people cannot live and let live. they have more than they could ever need and yet they look around with hate and want to kill massive amounts of their fellow humans. i guess thats what makes them less than human. theyre monsters with human faces.

      1. Exactly! And people are praising Elon Musk for buying Twitter and talking about how he is so wonderful and so this and that; just gushing over him. Why didn’t he take those billions that he spent on a useless platform and put it into affordable housing if he’s so wonderful, thoughtful, kind and just a prince among men? And people are having to crowd fund paying for their prescriptions, medical care, food, housing; the whole nine yards. Something’s got to give and I believe it’ll be us. We’ll just drop dead from hunger and homelessness while still praising the rich for being rich. SIGH!!

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