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The United States and Ukraine Started the War—Not Russia — CovertAction Magazine

For eight years, Ukraine terrorized the people of Eastern Ukraine with U.S. weapons but this was never reported on. Here is a timeline of events: October 2002 – “Full Spectrum Dominance” declared by the Pentagon to rule the world. January 2014 – U.S. military trainers arrive in Ukraine. [1] February 2014 – Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych […]

The World Economic Forum (WEF) Was Created by US Policies. “The WEF together with BlackRock, has infiltrated the Government” — Global Research

By Dr. Joseph Mercola Klaus Schwab, owner and chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), is the most dangerous man in the world WEF’s ultimate goal is to do away with the democratic process and give all ownership and control to the deep state — and the technocratic elite who control it WEF relies on fearmongering; […]