Was Covid-19 Released Simultaneously by Worldwide US Biolabs? — The Most Revolutionary Act

By Larry Romanoff

For background, the sudden appearance of this virus – at first apparently epidemic, then apparently pandemic, aroused my suspicions from the first day. Responding to those suspicions, I followed and documented all the developments from Day One. First, I recorded the dates on which each country announced its first domestic (indigenous) infection, […]

Was Covid-19 Released Simultaneously by Worldwide US Biolabs? — The Most Revolutionary Act


Next, the regular ‘waves’. I have attracted some disagreement on this, but I see no flaws in the reasoning so I will repeat: There is almost no evidence of any past epidemic or pandemic ever occurring in multiple successive waves. Some refer to the 1918 pandemic, and the CDC claims it manifested in ‘three waves’, but that one was an anomaly, the spread of which was greatly affected by troop movements and other factors and doesn’t qualify as a natural occurrence. It is also possible, and perhaps even very likely, that this was a result of Rockefeller’s meningitis vaccination gone awry,[2]

 and even Fauci has acknowledged that the deaths were caused by a bacterial infection as evidenced by the thousands of autopsies. I think this one is a non-starter as evidence of ‘waves’.

Besides this, after much searching, the only evidence I could find of multiples successive ‘waves’ in any epidemic were two references to a swine flu that exhibited a ‘resurgence’ after five or six months. There wasn’t much detail, and I couldn’t locate reliable daily infection statistics, so no conclusion is possible. But aside from these examples, I was able to find no credible evidence of multiple waves during any past epidemic. Perhaps I have missed something important and, if so, perhaps a reader could point me to a credible source of hard data (not speculation or opinion). The point of course, is that COVID-19 stubbornly manifested itself in five or six ‘waves’ in almost every nation, apparently an historical first. This also begs explanation, but the so-called authorities refuse to address it. This is stunning; an apparent once-in-a-lifetime medical occurrence, yet no medic and no media outlet will touch it.

On this note, it bothered me greatly that the Western media were already promoting the prospect of “a second wave” when the first had barely appeared. Again, I could find nothing in the history of epidemics to arouse such an expectation and, if it had never occurred before, why would all the media – unanimously – be suddenly preparing our expectations for a second, third, and even a fourth wave? If my reasoning is correct, this could have come only from prior knowledge of intent. There is no other possibility, and we do have some hard evidence that at least a few of these “waves” were not accidental.


10. Normal Infection Patterns

According to all of science, and confirmed strongly by the US CDC,[3] an outbreak of a pathogen begins from a single central source, slowly gains some traction, then expands rapidly, reaches a peak, then slowly tails off and dies, essentially following a skewed Bell curve as in the diagram. Worthy of particular note is that when the epidemic dies out, it dies out. It does not have repeated resurrections, nor successive reincarnations in a different form (strain).

From historical evidence it seems impossible that subsequent “waves” would continue to reincarnate by some natural process. When it’s dead, it’s dead. Except for COVID-19, apparently. Think about that. This fact, coupled with the prospect of each successive wave being of a different strain, is the source of my conviction that each wave was deliberately seeded after the preceding wave had died out or was dying out.


12. And Now, The End

New virus infections appear to be falling in many countries – but by no means in all of them. Yet, in what appears to be a sudden and violent change of direction, nearly every country seems to be abandoning concern for this “deadly virus” and cancelling all preventive protocols.

Austria, where only a week ago police were randomly inspecting citizens for vaccination passports and arresting or fining them, now suddenly abandons them. The UK is similarly abandoning all restrictions. Canada is doing the same on a national level and each Canadian province is doing likewise; provinces planning to fine unvaccinated citizens have suddenly changed their minds. In countries around the world, but most especially the Western nations, vaccinations are no longer compulsory, vaccine passports are passé, masks are now optional, schools, restaurants and holocaust museums will be open again, and life is quickly returning to normal.

Suddenly, we are stopping everything, as if on command, and with no apparent respect for future waves seven, eight, and nine. This is distressing since I am unaware of any evidence that COVID-19 is programmed to self-destruct after only six waves.



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