Dangerous Pfizer Vaccine Fraud Fully Exposed: Digital Currency, Digital IDs and the Global Debt Problem — Global Research

With solid data that non-COVID deaths have skyrocketed among young people since the introduction of COVID-19 shots, evidence of fraud in Pfizer’s COVID shot trials and disturbing Department of Defense (DOD) data on COVID injection side effects, Dowd believes it’s only a matter of time before the criminals behind this scheme are held accountable.

For instance, three DOD whistleblowers datamined the DOD health database, revealing significant increases in rates of miscarriage, cancer, neurological disease and stillbirths since COVID-19 jabs rolled out.15 This, combined with nonsensical public health mandates, doesn’t add up:16

“The responses from governments to this virus that doesn’t kill 99.9% of us makes no sense. And they’re all unified in their determination to put in these systems — these digital vaccination/passport systems. They’re all globally synced. They all want us to get these jabs, and it’s too unified. I suspect there’s a problem coming down the road.”

The systems, including ever-expanding plans for digital currency, vaccine passports and digital IDs, are in place for control and power.17 While digital IDs are being promoted as convenient and easy, underneath it is the ability to track — and tax — everything you do.

If you buy the “wrong” products or foods, you could be penalized by being heavily taxed, for instance, and there’s no limit to how high the tax could go or what products or activities could be affected. Even the promotion of fake meat in lieu of real animal protein, Dowd believes, is a way of turning people off animal-based protein, which is key for health and growth. “They want you to get sick and die,” he said, or at the very least to stay physically weak.

“It’s a total enslavement system,” Dowd said. “And then they can cut off your digital currency if you behave badly, like they do in China … digital currency and social credit will be tied. If you’re a ‘bad citizen,’ they turn it off and you disappear.”18 The answer, Dowd believes, lies in eliminating the debt-based monetary system:19

Dangerous Pfizer Vaccine Fraud Fully Exposed: Digital Currency, Digital IDs and the Global Debt Problem — Global Research

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