Covid criminals: Jamie Dimon

by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News

Regular readers of Health Impact News are very familiar with how I have used the term “Globalist” to identify the true enemies of the people since the COVID war on humanity started. I have repeatedly written that politicians are “puppets,” bought and paid for by these Globalists…


Is Jamie Dimon the most notorious criminal in the world today who not only is not behind bars, but is not even being investigated for any of his alleged criminal enterprises?

Charges have been filed in some countries against the conspirators of the COVID scam that has murdered hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, and crippled millions more, but of those charges filed, not one of them mentions Jamie Dimon, who is probably the main financier of the criminals that are mentioned.

All these Globalist billionaires have to have a safe place to keep and manage their money, and JPMorgan Chase is the main place where all this criminal money goes. Jamie Dimon has more power and influence than all those who are named in some of these criminal court cases combined, such as Bill Gates, Albert Bourla, Anthony Fauci, etc.


Real Domestic Terrorists Need to be Tried for Treason and Genocide – U.S. Public vs. Corporate Bankers — Health Impact News

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